Steep Ravine Cabins #3 Beach and Hiking

Once you have lugged all manner of creature comforts into your cabin, you might be too tuckered out to venture out just yet. The first order of business might be to brew up some coffee or tea which I heartily recommend. Going to the beach takes bouldering- a serious climb over rocks requiring sufficiently rested haunches.

There are 3 access points to the shore.  The "easiest but not easy" path to beach starts in front of the cabins and goes downhill to the right. The path will end abruptly in a section of rocks.  If the tide is not too high, you can go under under an opening between two rocks and not have to clamber over big rocks. With sturdy shoes and a single trekking pole,  the bouldering is not so bad. But I also saw 3 year olds and heedless youngsters wearing flip flops make it to the beach but the young are fearless. The last stretch can be an ankle twister so take it slow.

The fishing from the shore is mainly perch. Due to the soft flesh and many bones of the perch- perhaps the best method of cooking would have been deep fry which is ill-advised to do in a camping situation.


There are plenty of boulders to sit on at the beach.  On the first day I had lugged my 3 legged stool to sit on the sand which proved unnecessary except to get a closer view of my fishing man. Take your snacks and drinks down as it is quite a ways back up.  Also there are no bathroom facilities at the beach.  I had to run up twice on the last day and by the end of the day I could scarcely walk.

Around the northern group of rocks are tide pools, mussel and barnacle colonies, and interesting rock formations. It took strenuous climb over the rocks to get there but I realized I could have waited an hour for the tide to go out so I can just stroll down from the beach.  There is supposedly a hot spring exposed only at -1 tide that we did not find or look for.

If your legs are too tired for a rigorous beach hike, you can also take an easier hike to the left of the cabins which goes past the campsites.  Beware of poison oak along the edges of this path. There is no reasonable beach access this way- only extremely steep drop offs to get down to the ocean which we did not attempt. There is one picnic table at the end of the bluff and no other places to sit along the way.

There are 2 other steep entries to different portions of the rocky beach below. One at the southern end at the very end of the main path past the camp sites.  This is a very long steep windy affair not recommended for anyone with little kids.

Middle rocky beach is accessible via a path in front of camp site #2 Cormorant and #3 Starfish. There is a very steep but short 20 foot section before you see a small stream that opens up to a rocky beach.

Home free when you see the small stream with watercress growing between the stones.

But if exerting yourself down a ravine is not your thing, just watching the sea and skies is a fine past time.