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Camping Report- Steep Ravine

This week we have the pleasure to appreciate one of the sweetest camping spots in Northern California perched at the edge of the Pacific. I had on multiple occasions scoped out all 6 sites when staying at the Steep Ravine Cabin s. After a few late night refreshes on ReserveCalifornia, I finally snagged my desired target- Site #5 Kelp.  Weather was my only worry since August is Fogust and early September one still risks foggy mornings but the fog burns off by afternoon. Fog has it's own charms. This site has has no trees and hence no shade except the larger rock gives a little reprieve in the afternoon so fog was quite welcome.   Fog misting over trees and over the pacific has a quiet beauty all it's own. 2 rocks makes this site extra special. I took the above photo when I first came here last year. I reuse it here as our various camping and kitchen gear make for a messy unromantic photo. No neighbors in sight except one can hop on the rocks to see the camp

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