Steep Ravine Cabins #1 - Selecting Cabins

Only a mere hour away from Berkeley is a cluster of secluded ocean side cabins- all available to the public if you can nab them.  ReserveCalifornia has made it near impossible to use a bot reCAPTCHA so one has to just check often.  Each of the wonderful and devilishly overbooked cabins of Steep Ravines have their rustic charm.  

There used to be curiously no map of the numbered cabins available on the internet when I made this map: 

Since the cabins are on a slope, all cabins own spectacular views of the ocean.  We stayed at interior cabin #5 and even with a row of cabins in front of me, I saw plenty ocean view and felt totally lucky to be there at all.  It's more likely that you won't even have a choice of cabins but if you have your pick, here's a quick list ordered by best views.
  • Cabins #4 and #10 are the most private. 
  • Cabins #7 #8  #9 have unoccluded views of the ocean.
  • Interior cabins #5 #2 #6 still have pretty good ocean views over rooftops.
  • Cabin #1 is reserved only for those with a disabled placard. If you don't have a placard, they will kick you out without refunding your payment.
  • Cabin #3  appears not to be available for reservations. It has a smaller footprint.
Cabin #4 "Rocky Point" - would be my first choice

 Cabin #6 "Web Creek" Interior Cabin

Cabin #7 "Hot Springs"- Closest to the Beach
Cabin #8 San Andreas

As mentioned, one should be lucky to have a cabin at all! The rooftop view from interior cabin #5 is not bad at all and I'd stay there again in a heartbeat.